Grading Guide

The Grading Guide does not contain inactive dogs. Please refer to the "inactive dogs" pdf document if you need information about dogs registered with NOTRA but not listed on the active grading guide. In the interest of keeping the active grading guide to a manageable file size, all dogs who have not run since the year 2011 are in Inactive Dogs.

Grading Guide is available for download in an xlsx and pdf file format:

 Excel File xls Grading Guide Last updated December 1, 2023  
 PDF Document pdf 2023 InfoBooklet.pdf Race Secretaries: please download for information related to formatting & submitting race meet results & mailing addresses for per capita check and FTE checks (updated!!)
 PDF Document pdf Grading Guide.pdf  Includes 2023 Info Booklet
 PDF Document pdf  Inactive Dogs Refer to this document if the dog has not run in over 4 years. (updated Aug 19, 2015)
 PDF Document pdf  No Registration Dogs removed from GG and results invalidated, no registration submitted by owner or race secretary
 PDF Document pdf  Restricted Dogs Check this file to see if dogs entered need a schooling run or have too many OC's/DQ's and should not be entered - 12/2014 

Please contact the OB Racing Registrar if you see any errors in the current grading guide or if you have a specific question about the grading guide.
All OB FTE forms and fees go to Jean Pennie at the address below or via email.

Jean Pennie
14 Deer Chase
Elmer NJ 08318

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 Submission of race meet results - Please use this form NOTRA Meet Submissions

NOTRA instructions on race reporting, FTE submissions, etc.

pdf Race Secretary instructions (OB Specific)

pdf FTE Hound Entry Form (day of race registration form given to Race Secretary))

pdf Application for NOTRA Number (mail or email directly to OB Registrar)