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The database contains information about individual hounds, owners, titles earned, and certificates printed and mailed out. 

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The database includes all dogs who have run from Jan 2012 through December 2020. You can sort by breed, by dates that titles were earned, by FTE dates. You can also check on titles earned in recent years and whether the certificate was mailed out to the owner.
Please check to make sure that the owner's name is correct, I use the owner contact information I have in the database to mail the titles/certificates earned each year. The primary owner is the owner where the dog resides, if there are co-owners that do not live in the same household then that name is listed where it says "Co Owner".

Use this form to submit any updates to Owner contact information:


If you are still owed a certificate for a title earned in the past few years and never received it please get in touch with me to see what the problem was.
If you view the Titles you can see whether the certificate was mailed out. If it was not received then most likely we have the incorrect address on file.
Check the owner's database above to review the current address on file. Thanks!