Rule Book

Rule Book part 1

Rule Book part 2 (accepted track layouts)




Rule Submissions

Must be received by October 1st of each year and submitted to the National Secretary / Treasurer. [Section 1.1.2 Rule Book].

Ballots go out to clubs by November 10th of each year and Ballots must be returned by December 9th by the NOTRA Rep for each club. To ensure that club contact information is current please look at the Clubs page on the website.

OB Nationals Proposals

Once a year NOTRA will celebrate a National NOTRA Meet. Host Club(s) are encouraged to volunteer for this Meet and submit their request to the Secretary- Treasurer, coincidental to the annual Rule Change process. When more than one Host Club location request has been received, Club Members will be allowed to vote to determine the National NOTRA Meet location. [Section 2.1.5 Rule Book]