NOTRA Race Meet Submissions Form

Just a reminder to clubs and race secretaries that there is a race submission form to submit your club's race results to NOTRA.

The Rule Book [2.2 SUBMITTALS TO NOTRA: 2.2.1 Results] requires that all club race secretaries report the results of a race meet  within 24 hours by electronic mail (email), phone, or fax. Attach results in an Excel spreadsheet; or Word.doc; or Acrobat.pdf file instead of pasting the results into the email.

To help in submission, if you upload your results here, they will automatically be sent to Celeste Wilcox, Sue Weilbacher and Penny Bolt (whippets) or Celeste Wilcox, Jean Pennie and Tracy Rudzitis (other breeds).

Thanks for all your support!