2018 Rule Change Results


Results of the 2018 Fall Election. 26 clubs submitted ballots out of 29 eligible clubs.

Proposal 1: Separate Whippet NOTRA from Other Breed NOTRA

Proposal Title and Brief Description: Separate Whippet NOTRA from Other Breed NOTRA. There are now enough Other Breeds, by number of breeds and owners, that the support of Whippets is no longer necessary. Separating the two organizations will allow other breed specific rules to not impact whippets and vise-versa.
Passed: 72%

Proposal 2: Foul judge placement

Addressing the placement of foul judges on oval tracks.
Section 3.5.1 page 18: On the U-val tracks, the judges should always be outside the inner fence defining the track.On the full circle tracks, they should be located to give the best coverage to the bends.
Passed: 96%

Proposal 3: Clarifying DNF and Racing Style

Proposed change (this does not appear to be replacing other rules)
Any racer which fails to finish a race or fails to finish in true racing style (dogs that do not cross the finish line, stop, stop and re-start, slow to a walk, or roll to try to remove their muzzle) may be scratched from further racing or may be allowed to continue if it did not foul other racers during the race, at the option of the Race Committee.
Passed: 80%

Proposal 4: Hounds qualified to race

Changing the structure of the existing rule so that is more coherent .
Passed: 85%

Proposal 5: Formula for Determining Ties

This would be an addition to the existing rules:
If the line judges disagree on the placement of dogs in such a way that it is not immediately obvious which dog or dogs are in which placements and no camera is available, the judges’ placement sheets will be given to the race secretary and the determination of placements will be made using the following method.
Passed: 84%