2019 Greyhound Winter Derby

The annual Winter Derby was held at the JAX Track the weekend of Feb 9th and 10th. There was a fantastic greyhound entry


Kiwi (Kawpeewrite) winner of the Winter Derby two weekends ago at the SOMOS Winter Derby in Jax, and also the winner of the William King award in great honor of William King who was instrumental in getting us use of the trainer's track in Jacksonville.









Sundays Results

G-1459 1 KIWI Kawpeewrite ORC Williams 20 0/3
G-1464 2 MOO Kelso's Cut Above JOR Hattery 15 3/1.5
g-1457 3 ROSY Smokey Rose JOR Donna Moran 14 1.5/.5
G-1500 4 SAL LL's Salvador Scuglia 8 .5/0
G-1486 5 MILKYWAY Dancin Milkyway Scully 7 Sc3
G-1501 6 DOM B Dom Perignon JOR Fawzy 6 Sc2
G-1487 7 SMORES Dancin Smores Scully 5 Sc3
G-1505 8 ACAI BLUE TOO ACAI Brodeur 0 Sc2