NOTRA Rules and Officers Election Fall 2022

Results of the 2022 Ballots which go into effect January 2023. Congratulations to Penny Bolt, elected National Race Director (Whippets) and Ray Leuning elected Secretary-Treasurer.

We are currently putting in place the 2023 schedule and updating the website to reflect the new officers and the contact information. Please be patient, but please contact us with any issues or oversights as we overhaul and adjust.

Ballot Results • 11 Voting Clubs of 23 Eligible Clubs
Clubs that submitted a ballot: BSOSW; BCWRC; COBRA; EWA; GSLWC; LVCC; MWRA; NARC; SCWA; SOL; SOMOS

Rule Proposal 1: Passed
Rule Proposal 2: Passed
Rule Proposal 3: Failed
Rule Proposal 4: Passed
for full details please see 2022 NOTRA Ballot Results

A new Rule Book is underway and will be available January 1st 2023.