2021 LGRA & NOTRA Nationals

Sighthounds on the Lam
(SOL) is happy to be hosting the

2021 LGRA/NOTRA Racing Nationals in Camden, South Carolina.

Camden is located just outside of Columbia SC, and is considered horse country, as there is a horse eventing area nearby, and polo. In fact, these events will be held on the second oldest Polo Field in the U.S. in continuous use.

SAVE THE DATE: November 6th and 7th

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2019 NOTRA Nationals Results

An amazing weekend! Thanks to LVCC, COBRA and GSG for hosting this years LGRA-NOTRA National Race Meet. The weekend was dry and hot, but the friends and great running hounds made up for that. Members of the NOTRA OB FaceBook Group have posted a number of photos of the event and conversation and memories of the weekend. If you are on Facebook please join our group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/notraob/
Field viewSpirit Race

2019 NOTRA Nationals

September 14th and 15th , Fort Mott, Pennsville , NJ
Host Club: Lehigh Valley Coursing Club (LVCC)
Entries close Friday, August 30th at 8 pm. There will be no gate entries.

Fort Mott State Park Pennsville, NJ 08070
39.605711, -75.548643

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LGRA: Afghan Hounds, Azawakh, Basenji, Borzoi, Chart Polski, Cirneco dell'Etna, Greyhounds, Ibizan Hounds, Irish Wolfhounds, Italian Greyhounds, Magyar Agar, Pharaoh Hounds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Salukis, Scottish Deerhounds, Silken Windhounds, and Sloughis. Podengo Pequeno and Podengo Medio/Grande may run provisionally.

NOTRA: Afghan Hounds, Basenjis, Borzoi, Cirneco dell’Etna, Greyhounds, Ibizan Hounds, Irish Wolfhounds, Italian Greyhounds, Magyar Agar, Pharaoh Hounds, Portuguese Podengo, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Salukis, Scottish Deerhound, Silken Windhounds, and Sloughis..

Host hotel is the Holiday Inn express in Carney’s point, NJ. Use group code LVC for group rate of 119 plus tax per night. 2 dogs included for free. 10 per night for each additional dog. No limit on # of dogs.

The block is for Friday, Sept. 13th and Saturday, Sept. 14th.
Rooms: King or 2 Queen
Reservations must be made by Sept. 1st to get the block.
We have reserved 20 rooms, so reserve early to get your place.
Rate: $119 per night plus 15% hotel tax
Dog fee: 1st 2 dogs are free. After that, it’s $10 per dog per night. There is NO dog limit, but they do have cameras.
For the block, use the block code LVC (yep – only one “c”)
When you make the reservation, tell them the # of dogs you expect to bring, but you can adjust that # when you actually check in. They just want to know about how many to expect. There are other hotels in the area. We have that information later.

Trophy Donations:

Please consider making a donation for trophies. There is a place on the entry form to include a donation with your payment. If you would like to send a donation separate from your order, please contact Terri Jones at 3HThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We also accept donations via PayPal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please be sure to send as a gift so we don’t have to pay PayPal fees

2017 NOTRA Nationals - Results

      NOTRA - OB Nationals 41 ENTRIES       
      SWEPT, 9/10/17, 350yrds, oval, 4 dog races,3 program,drag lure at Roy, WA.
Race Secretary - KarenSanders
    boxed Basenji's - 5 Entered          
LRN Pl CallName Registered Name Owner Score ORC NORC Notes
BA-317 1 Croce Flutesong's Klassic Design SORC Doyle/Craigie 22   2  
BA-252 2 Moose Emerant's Heez Born to be Wild SORC Smith 16   1  
BA-296 3 Ireland Flutesong's Long May You Run ORC Doyle/Craige 11      
BA-307 4 Easton Flutesong's Night Train JOR ORC Doyle 10      
BA-313 5 Justine Arubmec's Justified JOR Smith-Falkner 0     DQ
Race by Race Results          
Program 1 Race 1 Easton,Justine(DQ)          
    Race 2 Croce,Moose, Ireland          
Program 2 Race 1 Croce,Moose,Ireland,Easton          
Program 3 Race 1 Croce,Moose,Ireland,Easton          
    boxed Ibizan - 2 entered          
LRN Pl CallName Registered Name Owner Score ORC NORC Notes
IB-137 1 Javier Serandida + Sikora's Never Been to Spain Dalzell/Sikora 14     O/C3
IB-134 2 Silly CH Thistledowns Mariposa Lily Evans 6     DNF2,DNF2
Race by Race Results          
Program 1 Race 1 Javier,Silly          
Program 2
Race 1 Javier,Silly(DNF)          
Program 3 Race 1 Javier(O/C),Silly(DNF)          
    boxed IG- 16 Entered          
LRN Pl CallName Registered Name Owner Score ORC NORC Notes
IG-222 1 Willow Anji-Ankhu's St Wiltrudis SORC Skoglund 22   5  
IG-185 2 Coco IGRF's Sogno Di Cioccolata SOR SORC4 Behrens 16   3  
IG-235 3 Cyrus Nautica's Anji's St Cyrus ORC Skoglund 12   0.75  
IG-242 4 Dolce Alfheim's Sogno d'Oro ORC Behrens/McLeod 12   0.75  
IG-212 5 Dottie Dottie Skoglund SORC Skoglund 11      
IG-211 6 Daisy Princess Moo Skoglund SOR ORC Skoglund 10      
IG-234 7 Dani Dani Skoglund Skoglund 9 5    
IG-146 8 Nos Alfheim's King of the Wind ORC McLeod 8      
IG-186 9 Luna IGRF's Pazza Luna SOR ORC Behrens 7      
Pending 10 Phranc Alfheim's Positivity Phranc Behrens 6     FTE, DNF1
IG-187 11 Baci IGRF's Baci Di Luce ORC Behrens 4      
IG-203 12 Evora Logos Angels Gathering Flowers Evans / Phillips 3 3    
IG-237 13 Dash Divine's Up to No Good Evans 0     DNF1,SC2
IG-241 14 Lily Divine's Faster Blaster Evans 0     DNF1,SC2
IG-202 15 Adorabelle Logos Free and Forgiven Evans/Phillips 0     DNF1,SC2
IG-201 16 Fortune Logos In God We Trust Evans/Phillips/Goin 0     O/C,SC2
Race by Race Results          
Program 1 Race 1 Dani,Evora,Phranc(DNF,),Dash(DNF,SC2)          
    Race 2 Daisy,NOS,Luna,Baci          
    Race 3 Cyrus,Dottie,Lily(DNF,SC2),Adorabelle(DNF,SC2)          
    Race 4 Willow,Coco,Dolce,Fortune(O/C1,SC2)          
Program 2 Race 1 Luna,Phranc,Baci,Evora          
    Race 2 Dottie,Dolce,Dani,NOS          
    Race 3 Willow,Coco,Cyrus,Daisy          
Program 3 Race 1 NOS,Phranc,Baci,Evora          
    Race 2 DolceDaisy,Dani,Luna          
    Race 3 Willow,Coco,Cycrus,Dottie          
    boxed RIDGEBACKS - 3 Entered          
LRN Pl CallName Registered Name Owner        
R-311 1 Qetesh Excalibur Saratoggah JOR Simon 22 1 1  
R-330 2 Owen Coso N Zamaradi's Hollywood Heartthrob Smith-Falkner 10 0.5 0.5  
R-310 3 Batman Coso's Dark Knight Rising JOR Poehlke/Jordison/Larjara 3     DNF1,SC2
Race by Race Results          
Program 1 Race 1 Qetesh,Owen,Batman(DNF,SC2)          
Program 2 Race 1 Qetesh,Owen          
Program 3 Race 1 Qetesh,Owen          
    boxed SALUKIS - 2 Entered          
LRN Pl CallName Registered Name Owner        
SA-179 1 Lance Windbourne Levanto Lancer SOR SORC Colletti 22   1  
SA-139 2 Isis Windnsatin Dragon's Kiss JOR Colletti/Griffith 16      
Race by Race Results          
Program 1 Race 1 Lance,Isis          
Program 2 Race 1 Lance,Isis          
Program 3 Race 1 Lance,Isis          
    boxed Scottish Deerhounds - 3 Entered         
LRN Pl CallName Registered Name Owner        
SD-178 1 Opal Fernhill's Opal at Jeffcairn Smith 22 1 1  
SD-177 2 Neida Fernhill's Oneida at Jeffcairn Smith 15 0.5 0.5  
SD-158 3 Colin Fernhill's Colin SOR ORC Smith / Birrell 12      
Race by Race Results          
Program 1 Race 1 Opal,Neida,Colin          
Program 2 Race 1 Opal,Colin,Neida          
Program 3 Race 1 Opal,Neida,Colin          
    boxed Silken Windhounds - 10 entered         
LRN Pl CallName Registered Name Owner        
SW-194 1 Aswan Allagante Jewel of Aswan JOR Sanders 20 3 3  
SW-153 2 Sand Allagante Greased Lightening SOR ORC Sanders 15   1.5  
SW-180 3 Mocha Allagante WSpirit Turboccino ORC Holmberg/Bancuk/Sanders 13   0.25  
SW-pend 4 Nick SummersSpirit Nick Murphy 13 1.5 0.25  
SW-209 5 Jaclyn Summers Spirit Jaclyn Smith SOR ORC Murphy 10     DQ3
SW-160 6 Maggie Elessar's Sugar Magnolia Stetson 10 0.5    
SW-231 7 Tazer Winsome's Breeze On By Strawn 9      
SW-pend 8 Butter SummersSpirit Buttered Pecan Murphy 5     DNF3
SW-230 9 Liza Winsome's My Fair Lady Strawn 4     DNF3
SW-pend 10 Tavi Winsome's Quicksilver Cross 8     SC3
Race by Race Results          
Program 1 Race 1 Tavi,Nick,Butter          
    Race 2 Sand,Tazer,Liza          
    Race 3 Jaclyn,Aswan,Mocha,Maggie          
Program 2 Race 1 Nick,Butter,Liza          
    Race 2 Mocha,Tazer,Maggie          
    Race 3 Aswan,Sand,Tavi(SC3),Jaclyn          
      (no two foul judges saw the same thing or who fouled who first but there was a lot of altercation. After offering a rerun the owners decided to scratch Tavi and the others accepted the finish as stood.        
Program 3 Race 1 Maggie,Liza(DNF),Butter(DNF)          
    Race 2 Nick,Tazer          
    Race 3 Aswan,Sand,Mocha,Jaclyn(DQ)          
    (This race #3 was rerun due to the DQ with the 3 other dogs but placement stayed the same.)